Pressing Temperature Guide for Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Siser And Thermoflex

General Temperature Guidelines

Typically, for HTV you will be using a temperature between 305°-320°F for 15-20 seconds. I usually use do mine at 323°F for 15 seconds, Peel off the carrier paper, and press for an additional 10 seconds.

However, I am usually working with the ThermoFlex Plus and I have arrived at that process by experimenting with my equipment and materials. You may need to do a little bit of experimenting of your own, but I have created a guide to get you started. Below you will find a table of manufacturers, products, and their recommended heat and press times. I have also included a instructional video at the end to show you my process.

BrandHTV TypeTemperatureHold TimePressurePeelSecond Press
SiserEasyWeed30510-15 secondsMediumWarm
Siser EasyWeed Extra30510-15 secondsMediumWarm
Siser EasyWeed Electric30510-15 secondsMediumWarm
Siser EasyWeed Stretch32020 secondsFirmWarm
Siser EasyWeed Sub Block26510-15 secondsMediumWarm
Siser EasyWeed Adhesive2755-10 seconds***MediumWarm
Siser EasyPatterns30510-15 secondsMediumWarm2-3 seconds
Siser EasyReflective30515 secondsMediumWarm2-3 seconds
Siser Blackboard27515 secondsLightWarm
Siser Glitter32015-20 secondsMediumWarm
Siser Holographic32015-20 secondsMediumCold
Siser Metal30510-15 secondsMediumCold
Siser StripFlock Pro31110-15 secondsMediumWarm
Siser StripFlock32015-20 secondsMediumCold
Siser Brick 60031120 secondsFirmWarm
Siser ReflectAll3055 secondsMediumWarm10 seconds
ThermoFlexThermoFlex Plus320-33015 secondsMediumWarm2 seconds
ThermoFlexThermoFlex Plus Frosty Clear320-33015 secondsMediumCold5 seconds
ThermoFlex ThermoFlex Stretch320-33015 secondsMediumWarm
ThermoFlex ThermoFlex Light315-32015 secondsMediumWarm
ThermoFlex ThermoFlex Xtra300-3053-5 seconds *MediumCold10 seconds
ThermoFlex ThermoFlex Turbo2705 secondsMediumWarm
ThermoFlex ThermoFlex Turbo (Nylon)3003-5 seconds *LightWarm10 seconds
ThermoFlex ThermoFlex Turbo Brights3705 secondsMediumWarm
ThermoFlex ThermoFlex Turbo Brights (Nylon)3003-5 seconds *LightWarm10 seconds
ThermoFlex ThermoFlex Sport300-3208-10 secondsMediumWarm
ThermoFlex ThermoBanner 2212-28510-15 secondsLightCold
ThermoFlex EconomyFlex33010-15 secondsMediumWarm
ThermoFlex Dimension32025 secondsMediumCold
ThermoFlex Dimension 23005 secondsMediumWarm20 seconds **
ThermoFlex BlackBoard2705 secondsMediumWarm
ThermoFlex BlackBoard (Nylon)3005 Seconds*LightWarm10 seconds

(*) Preheat garment for 5 Seconds

(**) Turn inside out

(***) Apply top layer after peeling

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