EASY DIY Graduation Decor

Graduation is just around the corner, and class of 2020 will definitely be one that we remember forever! I decided to make some fun and easy graduation pieces that you can place around the house. Below you will find my step by step tutorial.

Supplies You Will Need

  • Colored Cardstock of your choice (I used Recollections from Michael’s)
  • Free Graduation Cut Images from my shop or in the resource library
  • Wood Dowels (Purchased from Hobby Lobby, you could use straws)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Vase or Jar (I used a milk jar)
  • Cut Machine of your choice (I used my Cricut ExploreAir2)
  • Blue Cutting Mat for your Cardstock

One STEP At A Time

Step 1- Upload your images into Cricut Design Space or whatever design program you are working with.

Step 2- Pick out the color choice of cardstock that you want your images. You can make them all the same color or you can mix and match like I did with mine. If you are using multiple colors, you can go ahead and color code your images so that they cut separately.

I want my cap and bow black, and my 2020 and diploma gold

Step 3- Size the images to your liking. (I did a test cut on a regular piece of paper in case I needed to make them bigger or smaller on my final cut).

Step 4- You are now ready to cut your designs out onto your cardstock. Make sure to set your dial to the setting “Cardstock”.

Step 5- Your cardstock is now cut and you are ready to glue the wood dowels onto the back with your hot glue.

Step 6- Time to decorate! I used a small milk bottle and filled mine up with rice so that the dowels wouldn’t move around too much. A vase with flowers would look really cute, too! *To complete my look, I added these cute Graduation Gnomes that you can purchase from my shop*

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