How To Make DIY Terracotta Pumpkins

DIY Terracotta Pumpkin made from craft store decor. Painted and textured for Aesthetic Halloween Decoration. On Table as centerpiece.

Have you seen the trend of the DIY Pottery Barn Terracotta Pumpkins yet? Well we are here to create our own! These are super easy to make, and affordable. You can use this technique for pretty much any type of pumpkin you are wanting to change the look of. Follow along for the easiest Pottery Barn pumpkin dupe!

Terracotta Pumpkin Supplies

  • Paint (Terracotta color or Orange & White)
  • White Paint (Mixing with Terracotta color to tone it down)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Craft-store Pumpkins
  • Baking Soda
  • Flour

Mixing Your Paint

I used a paint that was the Terracotta color, but if you can’t find this color then you can just mix Orange & White paint to achieve the look. I took my terracotta paint and mixed some white into it to tone it down so it was a little more muted and not so orange.(I made one pumpkin strictly with just terracotta at first and felt like it was too orange).

Once you have your desired color, add some baking soda to make it a more textured paint.

Applying Your Paint

Add 2 coats of paint and let dry in between. Leave your second coat a little wet for applying the flour in the next step.

Add Your Flour

Take some flour and sprinkle it all over your semi wet pumpkin.

You can use as little or as much flour as you want for this step. (This was too Much)

I gently rubbed the flour all over the pumpkin and added more in certain spots.

Once your pumpkin is dry, take a clean paint brush and lightly brush off the extra flour.

You now have a Terracotta pumpkin!

Before & After

Small Pure Terracotta Pumpkin- I like how much texture this one has, but didn’t like how orangey it looked with just using the Terracotta color by itself.

Small Terracotta mixed with white pumpkin- I really liked the color once I mixed the terracotta and white paint together. I could’ve added more baking soda to this to give it more texture, but it still has a good subtle texture. I also didn’t add as much flour to this one even though I could have!

Large Terracotta mixed with white pumpkin- This pumpkin is probably my favorite one! He didn’t have anything on him before I painted him, and was just a blank ceramic piece. This pumpkin was the easiest to paint although I could have added more texture, he turned out cute!

There really is no right or wrong way to paint your pumpkins! They will be unique no matter what technique you decide to go with! A huge plus is that these pumpkins won’t cost you an arm and a leg like the Pottery Barn prices!!!!

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