DIY Tea Towel With Bee SVG

I’ve been obsessing over how cute the Bee trend is so I decided to make a couple Bee Tea Towel’s for my own collection. I recommend just using them as decor, but that is totally up to you! Follow along for an easy Tutorial below, and don’t forget to get your free Bee SVG in my shop.

Supplies You Need

  • Free Bee SVG from my shop or in the resource library
  • HTV (iron on) of your choice (I use Thermoflex Plus)
  • A font of your choice (I used Typewriter font)
  • Tea Towels any size (I bought mine from Joann’s)
  • Blue or Green Cutting Mat
  • Weeding Tool
  • Ruler (to measure how big you want your design)
  • Cut Machine (I’m using my Cricut ExploreAir2)
  • Iron or Heat Press (I use a 15×15 FrancierStudio Press from Amazon)
  • Teflon sheet or Parchment Paper (I like a Teflon sheet but both will work)

Let’s Get Started

Step 1- Upload your Bee SVG into your Cricut Design Space or the program you are working with.

Step 2- Take your ruler and measure on your Tea Towel how big you want your image. This will depend on the size of Tea Towel you are working with, and how big you want the image to take up on your towel.

Step 3- You can keep your towel simple by just putting a bee on it or you can add some words to make it a little more fun. I always call my mom, mama bee so that’s why I went with those words. I used the Typewriter font, but you can use a different font and choose your own words to go on it.

Step 4- Now that you have your design put together, you are ready to click “make it”.

Step 5- Your design is now cut out on your HTV, and you are ready to weed it out.

Step 6- Turn on your iron or heat press to the recommended heat for your HTV.

Step 7- Place your design onto your Tea Towel.

Step 8- Cover your design with a teflon sheet or parchment paper before pressing your design on. Once covered, you can now go ahead and press for the amount of time that your HTV recommends. (I like to press the first time for half the amount, uncover and pull of transfer sheet, and press for the rest of the time).

Step 9- You are now ready to decorate with your towel. These look super cute on a mini tea towel ladder. (I will be doing a tutorial on building a mini ladder so stay tuned).

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