How To Make DIY Hanging Basket Light

Have you seen the hanging basket light trend?! I’ve been seeing so many people have these in their home! I love them so so much! We currently redid our entire bedroom into the Modern/Boho look and made our own hanging basket light! Soooo easy and much cheaper than buying an actual hanging basket light! The best part about making your own is, its totally customizable since you get to pick out the perfect basket that fits well in your space! You can find cheap baskets for this project. Hobby Lobby has a great variety, Home Goods, Target, and even your local thrift stores! Follow along below as I show you how easy and simple this project is.

Supplies For Your Basket Light

  • Basket of your choice
  • Pendent lighting kit (amazon)
  • Split light connector (if you want more than 1 bulb)
  • LED lightbulbs (these are best so your lights never get too hot)
  • 1 5/8” hole saw (for the perfect hole)
  • Diagonal Cutters
  • Wire strippers
  • Razor knife
  • Ruler
  • Sharpie Marker

Mark The Center

You are going to flip your basket upside down and find the center where you will be drilling your hole. We used a ruler that had a hole in the end so we could move the ruler around easily to find the center and to double check each direction that each side was even.

Mark the center of your hole with your sharpie or pen.

Drill Your Hole

Drill your hole by using the hole saw. Make sure the speed of the drill is fast and let the saw do the cutting. Avoid pushing down too hard so it doesn’t tear out too much of the wicker of the basket. We used a 1 5/8″ hole saw to fit hour pendent threads.

Any pieces that aren’t taken out with the hole saw, use your diagonal cutters to trim it up. (I have seen other people make a hole by using a knife or scissors but the hole is never perfect). Another advantage of using a hole saw is that it’s super quick!

Adjust Wire Length

After you have taken down your old lighting, it is now time to adjust how long the wire needs to be to hang your basket light. To do this step go ahead and attach the light to the basket and hold it up so you can see how long you want it to be.

Once you figure out the appropriate length go ahead and adjust the wire using the set screw. Cut off the excess wire, leaving about 6-8” on the inside for wiring.

Gently scour around the outer layer in a circle and pull out the outer sheath and now strip your wires and wire to the appropriate color of wires using wire nuts.

Attach the fixture to the wire box using the screws and bracket system that comes with your pendant lighting kit. Our lighting kit was missing what we needed, so we attached it directly to the box with screws we had on hand.

Attach Basket Light To Pendant Fixture

Attach your basket to the fixture.

For more light, attach a split connector for 2 light bulbs.

Put in your LED light Bulbs, and finished!

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